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Product Name Dose Package
Lidocaine hydrochloride INJECTION 2% 20ml, 50ml 25's / box
Piracetam injection INJ. 20% 1.0G / 5ml 10 '/ box
Tramadol hydrochloride Capsules 100mg Blister
atropine INJECTION 0.25mg / ml 0.5mg / ml 1 mg / ml 100Amps / Box
Carbamazepine Tablets 200mg Tin / Blister
Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride INJECTION 25MG / 2ML 100Amps / Box
Gabapentin Capsules 100mg / 300mg Blister
Metoclopramide INJECTION 10MG / ML 100Amps / Box
Omeprazole Capsule & Tablet20mg JAR / Blister
Ranitidine Tablet 150mg, 300mg Alu-alu Blister
Ambroxol hydrochloride Oral Suspension 15mg / 5ml 100ml bottle
Loratadine Tablets 10mg Blister
Salbutamol Aerosol 100mcg / dose 200puffs 1BOTTLE / BOX
Acyclovir Syrup 200mg / 5ml 60ml bottle
Esomeprazole 40mg for injection With Solvent
Aluminum hydroxide Tablets 500mg JAR / Blister
Cimetidine Tablets 200mg, 400mg JAR / Blister
Lansoprazole 30mg capsule 30Caps / Box
Pantoprazole 40mg for injection With Solvent
Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1) Injection 100mg / ml 100Amps / Box
Vitamin B complex INJ 2ML Ampoule
Vitamin E Soft Capsule 400i.u. Tin
Vitamin K1 INJ 10mg / ml 100Amps / Box
Vitamin K3 INJ 25MG / 2ML 101Amps / Box




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